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Architectural Perforated Metal Mesh

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Architectural perforated metal mesh belongs to the perforated metal mesh, it is also the metal mesh with the fascinating patterns to add aesthetic appearance to the space. The metal sheet will be punched by the CNC process, then the unique pattern will be formed.


The CNC metal punch is designed to modify the different type of metal sheet, such as steel , brass and etc,. In the past time, the worker will punch the pattern by themselves, thus the holes on the meta sheet may be different. Luckily, today the sheet metal punching technique uses automatic numerical control (CNC) machines. The automatic punching machines are consist of the punches and dies of standard or special shapes. The dies can change based on the customer order.

The CNC punching machine are consist of two machines, the CNC metal punching machine and the deburring machine. First the machine will produce a basic shape, also is known as the matrix, then the machine will replicate in a series of equal shapes. When the pattern is ready, then with the strong pressure , a sheet or plate of metal is cut out to obtain the semi-finished product.


With the variable machine combination, the metal sheet can be made in a variety of sizes, shapes and hole patterns. The architectural perforated metal sheet can fully customized. It has been widely used in the architectural design, like building facades, interior decoration, ceilings, partition walls, folding screens, handrails and sunshades.

The architectural perforated metal mesh has the good ventilation and air permeability. It can also create the beautiful sunshade. The bright colors and the good surface luster can show a unique style. The architectural perforated metal mesh can be fully customized according to the customer design. The materials, hole patterns, textures, finishes and colors all be choosed based on the customer need. And beside these,, the perforated metal mesh also can be re-used.

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