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Architectural Wire Mesh Facade

Advantages of Architectural Wire Mesh Facade

Architectural wire mesh facade is a series of rolls of wire mesh panels that are unrolled, stretched, and tensioned between a top and bottom substructural support. It offers both unique beautiful structure and practical functions to make this facade stand out. These panels can be tensioned in full-height or divided into cut-to-size sections and installed on a frame system.
● Customizable dimensions. The dimensions of architectural wire mesh facade can be customized, which makes it suitable for almost any 
   architectural application.
Easily unrolled wire mesh panels. When doing a full-height panel, the mesh panels are shipped in rolls that are as long as you need them to be 
   and are easily unrolled on-site.
● Convenient full-length panel installation. The full-length panel typically only need significant support at the top and bottom. If you choose to use      panel system that doesn't roll, there would need to be substructure frames for each panel and the overall price of the project would be substantially 
● Cost saving. Using full-length wire mesh panels is far more cost-effective than using other solutions with strict size restrictions.