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Architectural Wedge Wire- Practical and Beautiful

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Architectural wedge structures are functional and decorative in both residential and commercial establishments as their architectural design is impressive and robust while providing acoustic solutions and thermal airflow characteristics.

Architectural wedges can be used as ceilings in residential and commercial places such as shopping centers, office buildings, waiting areas, hotels, airports as well as private houses.

It can hide utility cables, ductwork and air conditioning equipment. Also, it allows air to flow freely. What's more, the high-grade stainless steel material has excellent corrosion resistance and fire resistance to reduce repair and replacement costs.

Architectural wedges can be used as floor grids, also known as wedge wire grids. It removes water and waste water and prevents slipping. They are widely used in residential, commercial and industrial places, including pedestrian streets, fountains, kitchens, bathrooms and poolsides.

Wedge wire floor grates are easy to install and replace. Flat surface provides safety for canes, wheelchairs, crutches and other mobility aids. Additionally, the large open area increases drainage performance efficiency.

Architectural wedge lights are widely used in office buildings as lamp shades or lampposts. The surface profile wires and support rods adopt continuous resistance welding, which has a stable structure and high strength. Widely used in hotels, shopping malls, parks, high-end residential and commercial facilities.

The wedge wire used in construction has a bright luster and is very practical and beautiful when used as a lampshade. Plus, they are easy to install and very low maintenance.

Construction wedges have a smooth and safe surface that is ideal for all indoor and outdoor conditions such as snow, mud, ice and grease. They bring safety, cleanliness, durability and beauty to office buildings, hotels, high-end shopping malls and even residences.

Wedge wire has high load and strength, durable and long service life. The stainless steel material makes it stable in harsh environments. Self-cleaning design reduces maintenance costs.

Railings and stairs are important safety features in private and public places, including parks, office buildings, hotels, shopping malls.

Construction wedges are made of durable and high-strength stainless steel material that contributes to high strength and durable life for site safety.

In addition, the architectural wedge wire has good aesthetic effect in addition to functional performance. Therefore, architectural wedge steel wire is widely accepted by more and more railing and staircase projects.

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