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Cable Architectural Mesh

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The cable architectural mesh weave the metal rods and the metal cables together, which has the unique construction. Withe the special weaving machine, the transverse metal rod is passing through the vertical metal cables. The cable wire mesh can be made into different sizes and open areas.

The cable wire mesh are usually made of the stainless steel, copper, aluminium and other alloys. The treatment of the surface are various, like the silver plating, the titanium plating and the antique treatment. After this process, the cable wire mesh can gain different colors and the unique appearance. The coloured cable architectural mesh has been welcomed in many places as the decoration material.


The metal rods can offer the stability while the metal cables can add the rigidity and the high strength to the product. Thus the cable architectural mesh can gain amazing durability and can withstand the stress and deformation without damage. Because of its practicality and the decoration function, it has been widely used for the decoration wall. Due to its opening area, it can allow the sound and light to pass through. The cable wire mesh are the perfect material for the customer who are trying to build the industrial style construction.

Cable architectural mesh with 3 cables as the warp wireCable architectural mesh with a single cable as the warp wire

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