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Honeycomb Decorative Mesh

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The honeycomb decorative mesh is also known as the twisted mesh. The honeycomb wire mesh is woven by the metal wire. As for the metal wire, we can offer you multiple choices, the twisted stainless steel wires, the aluminum alloy wires, the brass wires, the copper wires and other alloy wires.

Honeycomb decorative mesh has show itself as a new decorative material in the architectural industry. Unlike the traditional decorative panel, the honeycomb wire mesh can be used as the space divider, while allowing the air, sound and light to pass through. It also can visually expand the space of the room. It has a variety of colour, you can choose the colour, which fit your building best. Thus it can add modern decoration charm to the buildings. The colour can change withe the light and give us unlimited imagination.


The honeycomb decorative wire mesh has good ventilation and the light diffusion. The porous metal mesh can divide the space while maintaining the good ventilation. It also has the UV resistant and the flame resistance. Thus the colour of the wire mesh will not fade away, and the flame resistance can lower the chance of the conflagration. Its amazing durability and flexibility allow the honeycomb metal mesh to be shaped into different sculpture. It can provide the unlimited creativity and fancy aesthetic.

It can be used as the decorative curtains, restaurant folding screens, hotel partitions, ceiling decoration, trade fair and exhibition decoration, sunshades and etc,.

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