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Laminated Architectural Mesh

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The laminated architectural mesh is also called the wired cast glass or wire reinforced glass. The laminated glass and wire mesh together formed the laminated mesh. The glass of semi-molten state will be pressed with the wire mesh together under the metal roller, thus a sandwich structure glass wire mesh will be formed. This unique laminated architectural mesh creates a hazy aesthetic to your project.

The laminated architectural mesh has been widely used as the decorative drapery, curtain wall, cabinet top in household or public places ornament. The reason why the laminated wire mesh are so welcomed are that, the laminated mesh posses the refined structure, the high impact resistance and excellent sound insulation. Based on these features, the laminated mesh become popular among the designers.


The central layer of the laminated mesh can be changed, if you have the special needs, you can contact us. Or you need raw wire mesh ,you are still welcomed to contact with us.

The laminated architectural mesh has the good light transmission. The structure of the wire mesh can realized the control of the light and shade. It can create the moving reflections and the 3D effects. It can offer the amazing aesthetic effect for the space.

Laminated architectural mesh with irregular decorative meshCopper decorative mesh for laminated architectural mesh

The laminated mesh can offer the high level protection. Due to its special material and structure, the laminated mesh are unexpected sturdy and durable, it won’t be easy to break. It also can be fireproof, cause the inner layer of the laminated mesh can slow down the spread of the fire.

If you are interested in this product, please contact us now!

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