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Let you understand the application of Architectural Wedge Wire in life

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Architectural wedge wire is widely used in interior and exterior wall cladding to make exterior walls look more attractive and high-grade. They are popular in hotels, offices and residences. The exterior walls and walls of wedge-shaped steel wire are not only decorative, but also practical, such as reducing sunlight glare, and reducing the impact of windstorms.

Architectural wedge wire can be used as ceilings in residential and commercial places such as shopping malls, office buildings, waiting areas, hotels, airports as well as private houses. It can hide utility cables, ductwork and air conditioning equipment. Moreover, it allows air to flow freely. High-grade stainless steel material offers excellent corrosion and fire resistance, reducing repair and replacement costs.

Architectural wedge wire can also be used as floor grids, which is known and called wedge wire grids. It is good at removing waste water and preventing slipping. Thus, they are widely used in residential, commercial and industrial places, including pedestrian streets, fountains, kitchens, bathrooms and poolsides.

What is more, architectural wedge wire are widely used in lampshades or lampposts in office buildings. Surface contours and support rods are continuously welded with resistance to ensure a stable structure and high strength. In this way, they are widely used in hotels, shopping centers, parks, high-end residences and commercial facilities.

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