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Metallic Sequin Cloth

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The metal fabric is also known as the metallic sequin cloth. The metal fabric mesh also belongs to the decorative metal mesh. It has been widely used in the interior and exterior architecture. The metal fabric is connected by many sequins ans the rings. Thus it is named as the metallic sequin cloth. Each sequin has four legs, which makes the sequin be like a spider. Based on this structure, the durability and the firmness of the metallic sequin cloth is ensured.

The raw material of the decorative metal fabric cloth is brass or the aluminium. Thus it possess many features, like the durability, the flexibility and a unique texture. The metal fabric mesh for lamp decorative has the astonishing aesthetic appearance, which gives the space more beauty.


Compare to the traditional meta fabric, this metal fabric cloth is more like the cloth curtain. It is more soft and bright. It has many colors like the silver metallic fabric cloth, the golden metallic fabric cloth, the lavender metallic fabric cloth, the red metallic fabric cloth, the blue metallic fabric cloth and the purple metallic fabric cloth. Because of its great flexibility, it is used in both residential and commercial applications as lamp decoration, wall decoration, curtains and room dividers.

A roll of half-spread red metal fabric mesh6 rolls of metal fabric mesh in different colors

The metallic metal fabric mesh can be applied in many places, like interior design, as well as in clothing design. The size of the fabric cloth can be customized.

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