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What Is Expanded Metal Mesh?

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The architectural expanded metal mesh refers to the expanded metal mesh, which has the appealing appearance and can used as the decorative mesh. The expanded metal mesh is made of a whole metal plate, after slitting and stretching, it can form the unique hole pattern.

Due to these opening space, the expanded metal still can allow the light, air sound pass through and helps with the drainage. The opening space can vary as the slit size and tensile strength change. It would be both decorative and functional. With the marvelous idea of the designer, the expanded metal mesh has been widely used in the fancy decoration plans.


Our architectural expanded metal mesh has many combination, you can choose the material, colour, pattern of the expanded metal mesh. The different combination of the expanded metal mesh, can give you the unexpected effect.

The multiple choices of the expanded metal mesh provide the designers more inspire, the innovative and the flexible architectural decoration material can help the designer achieve their goal.

The expanded metal mesh is the perfect combination of the function and aesthetic. While providing the good looking appearance, it also can be used as the architectural facades, sunshades and partitions. The expanded metal mesh also can be coated with the special material to provide the mesh panel with the strong weathering resistance to serve a along life span.

5 pieces of aluminum architectural expanded metal mesh in different colors and sizesA piece of elongated stainless steel architectural expanded metal mesh

If you are not sure about which expanded metal mesh fit your design plan, you are so welcomed to contact us for the advice. We are happily to help you find the most fit expanded metal mesh to make your plan come true.

If you are interested in the expanded metal mesh, please contact us now!

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