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40-year History of Manufacturing High-quality Architectural Mesh

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Hangshun takes great pride in its 40-year history of manufacturing high-quality architectural mesh for architecture and interior design.  

With over 40 years in the industry, Hangshun has demonstrated longevity and experience. This extensive experience can contribute to the company's understanding of market trends, customer needs, and the ability to adapt to changing technologies. By setting high standards for products and committing to excellence, Hangshun emphasizes the importance of delivering quality architectural mesh. This commitment is likely to resonate with customers looking for reliable and superior products. The use of construction-grade raw materials indicates a commitment to durability and strength. High-quality raw materials are essential for producing architectural mesh that meets safety and performance standards.

Hangshun offers a variety of designs, from traditional square and rectangular openings to expectation challenging woven and welded wire mesh patterns. We aim to break the ordinary and weave infinite possibilities.  And it is our mission to provide good architectural mesh for architects, designers, engineers, artists and even individuals who pursue sense of beauty.

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