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Architectural Metal Mesh Curtain

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Metal mesh curtains and coil mesh curtains are the preferred solution for elegant room partitioning and other interior shielding requirements. They have the functionality of fabric curtains but with the following metal-related advantages:


Easy to maintain


Durable and long life

Available in a variety of finishes, including metallic finishes

Easy to install

Our products are highly recognized by architects and designers, and are widely used in facade, ceiling, partition and interior design fields. In addition, we can design and develop new products according to your demand to perfectly meet your requirements. Our main product types are as shown in our product list. We have hundreds of architectural mesh in thousands of sizes for your option.

We promote tried and tested mesh specifications but can also supply bespoke materials. Hangshun Wire Mesh can be customized in free area, pore size, wire diameter and surface treatment to meet a variety of functional and aesthetic requirements. We regularly advise architects and contractors on the specification, design and installation of our materials. If you have any questions about our metal mesh curtains, please contact our expert team to find out more.

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