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These are related to the Wall Decoration & Curtain news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in Wall Decoration & Curtain and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand Wall Decoration & Curtain market.
  • Architectural Metal Mesh Curtain
    Architectural Metal Mesh Curtain
    Metal mesh curtains and coil mesh curtains are the preferred solution for elegant room partitioning and other interior shielding requirements. They have the functionality of fabric curtains but with the following metal-related advantages:non-flammableEasy to maintainpreservativeDurable and long life
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  • Advantages of Metal Curtain
    Advantages of Metal Curtain
    Metal curtain is a new type of metal decorative mesh, which has the characteristics of arbitrary size, arbitrary color, easy installation, strong functionality, vivid decorative effect, and suitable for large and small areas. It is an ideal material for architectural decoration and high-end interior decoration. Metal curtains are now widely used and widely used in the sunshade of buildings and corridors, roller blinds, and decoration of hotels, museums, exhibition halls, shopping malls, etc.
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