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Architectural Spiral Mesh

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The name like the architectural spiral mesh, the spiral decorative mesh and conveyor belt mesh all lead to the same product, the spiral mesh, which is a decorative wire mesh that has been mainly used as the building facade. The stainless steel, aluminium alloy, carbon steel can be used as the raw material for the horizontal rods and vertical spiral wires. The rod can be either straight or crimped and its spiral wires offers distinctive appearance, creating a fantastic decoration effect.

A piece of copper crimped rod architectural spiral mesh with pre-crimped rod5 pieces of flat wire architectural spiral mesh in different materials and colors

It is commonly seen in the stadium, theater, airport and office facades to bring the fascinating visual effect. Most people are not aware of that the spiral mesh panel cam act as the sunshade panels either, it can help to regulate the indoors temperature and save the energy costs. The light architectural spiral wire mesh can also be used as the interior walls or decorative walls for the restaurants, hotels and coffee shops.

The decorative spiral mesh has become a popular material for the buildings. It has been used as the room partitions, handrails, ceiling decoration, wall decoration, door curtains, building facades, etc. You can see this product in many places now, like airport channels, shopping malls, theaters, museums, exhibition halls, office buildings, hotels, coffee shops, clubs, stadiums or other building decoration projects.


The reason why the decorative conveyor is so welcomed is because of that, the decorative spiral wire mesh has good ventilation and light transmission, which add the marvelous visual effect with the sunshade in the whole space. It is suitable for the large area installation because it has very large production size. The metallic feature gives it the good weather resistance, which allows it being applied in the out doors while maintaining a long service life. Last but not the least, the good privacy, you can see the outdoor scenes from inside, but cannot be seen from the outside.

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