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Have a knowledge of Architectural Expanded Metal Mesh

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[Use]: Architectural Expanded Metal Mesh is mainly used for various constructions, mechanical protection, platform pedals, road protection, railway protection, community fences, factory partitions, construction scaffolding, handicraft production, foundation pit slope protection, outdoor curtain walls, Indoor ceilings, ship platform pedals, tower crane pedals, vehicle factory production workshops.

[Scope]: Architectural Expanded Metal Mesh can be widely applied for working platforms, escalators, and walkways of oil tank truck pedal nets, heavy machinery and boilers, oil mines, locomotives, and 10,000-ton ships. It can also be used as steel bars in construction industry, road and railway bridges.

Metal plates of various materials can be stamped and processed different specifications. All products are produced and processed by advanced computer technology, with various hole types and flexible arrangements. In the production practice for many years, we have accumulated rich experience in the production and processing of expanded metal mesh, which can be used for cutting, bending, hemming, deep processing such as surface treatment. We mainly produces high-quality low-carbon steel plate, stainless steel mesh, standard diamond-shaped expanded metal mesh, small expanded metal mesh, stainless steel expanded mesh, galvanized sheet expanded mesh, medium-sized expanded mesh, and plastic-sprayed expanded mesh. heavy steel mesh and other products.

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