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How does construction site apply Architectural Welded Mesh

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Architectural welded mesh is mostly used for plastering and reinforcement of internal and external walls of construction sites. The specifications are selected according to the requirements of the region and the design institute. The commonly used specifications are: 1.5 cm holes and 2 cm holes, and the wire diameter is 0.4-0.9mm. Welded mesh is generally used for thermal insulation of exterior and interior walls. The purpose is to effectively prevent cracks, hollowing, and skin peeling off the wall. Moreover, it is convenient to plaster and has good reinforcement performance.

In order to ensure the quality of project construction, the requirements and testing of anti-cracking materials must be increased highly. Architectural welded steel wire mesh is used for building floor heating and fixing pipes: Lay steel wire mesh on the surface of the insulation layer and fix the pipes with nylon straps. Thus, we can see that the construction speed is relatively fast, the positioning is accurate, and the overall effect of pipe installation is good.

In conclusion, architectural welded mesh can strengthen the local load-bearing capacity of the ground: in the processing workshops and garages, the steel wire mesh for floor heating can improve the overall strength of the ground structure, prevent ground cracks and subsidence, and speed up heat dissipation. This is because thermal conductivity of iron is relatively strong so that heat dissipation on the ground is very even.

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