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The Architectural Rigid Mesh

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The term “Rigid ” refers to a specific type of wire mesh, which create the tight intersection in the construction. It means that the wires cross over another within the rigid. The location of the intersection and the movement of the wire is up to wire formation. The rigid woven wire mesh will continue to create another intersection based on the previous intersection. Thus the opening of the metal sheet is controlled.


If you have decided where to used the rigid mesh, you can offer the dimension and shape, we can offer you the customized service. The stiffness of the rigid wire mesh is related to the diameter of the wore. If you are not sure whether the rigid mesh is solid enough to applied on your project, you can contact with our team to pick the perfect diameter of the wire.

Architectural rigid mesh made of flat straight wefts and flat crimped warpsArchitectural rigid mesh made of copper-colored wefts and brass warps

The wire of the rigid woven wire mesh has 3 types, the straight wire, the flat wire, the crimped wire. And you can choose your preferred weave design,like the plain weave, the dutch weave, the twill weave and others. Each type of rigid wire mesh would show unique look and the attractive appearance. Our professional factory do not only offer you the simple rectangular or square meshes but also the complex woven construction. The opening area ranges from 10%-70%.


Due to its rigid mesh construction, it can be used in many industry , like the architecture industry, this is why it also named as the architectural rigid wire mesh. It is available in many different types of the woven designs, and it also has many colour choices. You can choose your favourite design. It has the long life-span. It is a quite cost-effective product.

If you are interested in this product, please contact us now!

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