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Why choose Architectural Rigid Mesh for architecture and design?

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Architectural Rigid Mesh is a timeless material, beautiful, practical, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. In addition, we Hangshun Wire Mesh Manufacture Co., Ltd can be customized to your needs. The essential qualities of our grids make them the ideal medium for architecture and interior design.


With virtually unlimited options, our architectural wire mesh can be designed to fit the style of your next project. The density of each pattern provides the ability to control visibility. The natural three-dimensional wire mesh also adds visual interest with a unique texture. A range of available materials and secondary finishes complete the painting, offering unique colors and life.


High-quality materials and excellent manufacturing ensure reliable construction wire mesh. The robust wire mesh withstands normal wear and tear and heavy use. By providing additional manufacturing and system options for rigid and flexible meshes, each design can be adapted to any type of application.


Our efficient manufacturing processes generate minimal waste during production. The waste generated is collected, sorted and sent to the appropriate recycling facility for retrofitting and returned . This process allows us to maximize value while reducing pressure on natural resources and overall waste.

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