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  • Q Can architectural mesh be customized?

    Our architectural mesh is available in common sizes, and we can also customize it according to customers' requirements or provide solutions based on your applicable environments.
  • Q Are free samples available?

    Common size samples are free of charge and special size samples are not; freight shall be paid y customers.
  • Q Can you provide design services?

    Yes, we can supply CAD drawings.
  • Q How many kinds of architectural mesh do you have?

    Our main product types are as shown in our product list. We have hundreds of architectural mesh in thousands of sizes for your option.
  • Q How to guarantee the quality of architectural mesh products?

    We have advanced production and testing equipment and strict quality control system, so we can ensure all our products are qualified.
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Cable Architectural Mesh

Cable Architectural Mesh – Weaving Metal Rods 
and Metal Cables Together
Brand:Hangshun Wire Mesh
Place of Origin:China
Material: SUS316L , 316,  304
Applicable: Hotels, restaurants, offices, buildings

Cable architectural mesh is constructed by weaving metal rods and metal cables together. It is a cable mesh available in a variety of sizes and open areas woven by transverse metal rods passing through vertical metal cables. It can be made of stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other alloys. The surface often presents various colors after special treatments such as silver plating, titanium plating, and antique treatment. It has become the new favorite of mainstream architectural art due to its wide applications and great decoration effects.

The metal rods deliver great stability while metal cables maintain its rigidity and high strength. Besides, the materials for cable architectural mesh offer exceptional durability and can withstand stress and deformation without damage. So, it is widely used in exterior wall decoration. It also gives good ventilation and high visibility due to its large open area. With our advanced technology, we can provide our customers with cable architectural mesh in various colors to bring more inspirations to designers.

Surface Treatment

Sliver-plated cable architectural mesh  Golden titanium-plated cable architectural mesh  2 pieces of antique cable architectural mesh

                Sliver-plated                                       Titanium-plated                                           Antique


● Amazing decoration effects. The color varies as the light changes, giving you virtually unlimited imaginations.

Natural ventilation & lighting. The transparency of cable architectural mesh facade allows natural ventilation and lighting.

Effective sun prevention. Due to its precisely balanced open surface, the cable architectural mesh filters sunlight and helps to create a pleasant cool but also light indoor climate.

Simple assembly. We provide cable architectural mesh for facades ready to install, including all fastening devices and assembly instructions.

● Exceptional durability. Facade cladding made of stainless steel, copper and aluminum enjoy an extremely long lifespan.

Maintenance-free. The corrosion-resistant work materials and solid fastening devices are virtually maintenance-free.

● Sound sustainability. Metal materials have a high recycling rate and can be completely recyclable after use. Using cable architectural mesh not only bestows your facade with an individual design, but also increases the sustainability of your buildings.

Technical Data

Material stainless steel (AISI 304L, AISI 316L), brass, aluminum, copper, aluminum alloy, etc
Cable diameter 0.45 mm – 4 mm
Cable pitch 11 mm – 110 mm
Rod diameter 0.5 mm – 4 mm
Rod pitch 5 mm – 14.5 mm
Open area 25% – 66%
Color (standard) Original, other colors are also available

Cable architectural mesh is a new building decoration material for interior and exterior decoration, offering great security protection and fantastic decoration effects.

● Applicable scenes: Space separation, ceiling decoration, wall decoration, railings, balconies, corridors, elevators, store stands, building facades, column cladding, security panels, parking lot cladding, etc.

Applicable projects: Hotels, restaurants, offices, buildings, grand ballrooms, museums, concert halls, restaurants, exhibition halls, shopping malls, airport access, theaters, etc.

Cable architectural mesh is used for exterior wall decoration


Cable architectural mesh is used for cinema interior wall decoration


Cable architectural mesh is used as staircase tower railing

Staircase tower railing

Cable architectural mesh is used as column cladding

Column cladding decoration

Cable architectural mesh is used for restaurant ceiling decoration


Cable architectural mesh is used as baluster


Cable architectural mesh is used for ceiling lamp decoration

Ceiling lamp decoration

Cable architectural mesh is used as building sunshades

Mall sunshades

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