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  • Q Can architectural mesh be customized?

    Our architectural mesh is available in common sizes, and we can also customize it according to customers' requirements or provide solutions based on your applicable environments.
  • Q Are free samples available?

    Common size samples are free of charge and special size samples are not; freight shall be paid y customers.
  • Q Can you provide design services?

    Yes, we can supply CAD drawings.
  • Q How many kinds of architectural mesh do you have?

    Our main product types are as shown in our product list. We have hundreds of architectural mesh in thousands of sizes for your option.
  • Q How to guarantee the quality of architectural mesh products?

    We have advanced production and testing equipment and strict quality control system, so we can ensure all our products are qualified.
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Architectural Expanded Metal Mesh

Architectural Expanded Metal Mesh with Various Hole 
Patterns & Materials
Brand:Hangshun Wire Mesh
Place of Origin:China

Architectural expanded metal mesh is a expanded metal mesh made of metal plate or sheet after slitting and stretching. It is mainly used for architectural decoration. The opening size and shapes vary as the slit size and tensile strength change. It is both decorative and functional. These appealing expanded metal mesh is frequently used in various architectural decoration design plans.

Our architectural expanded metal mesh comes in a variety of materials, colors and hole patterns for you to choose from. Just contact us, our professional designer will work with you and find the right expanded metal products and make out best custom solutions together.


● Provide designers and architects with an innovative, flexible architectural decoration material.

● Uniform mesh openings allow the free passage of light and air.

● Perfect combination of function and aesthetics. It not only creates a distinctive appearance for buildings, but also functions as facades, sunshades and partitions.

● A variety of materials, colors, patterns, finishes and textures to choose from.

● Three-dimensional exquisite appearance with good decorative effect.

● Good ventilation and air permeability.

● Great weathering-resistant surface treatment.

● Impact resistant, corrosion resistant, waterproof, fireproof and good resistance to cold and heat.

● Experiments show that it will not fade in 20 years under heavy rain and sunlight. Long service life.

● Provide a variety of open spaces.

● Naturally lightweight and easy to install and use.

● Affordable, durable and 100% recyclable.

Technical Data

Material 1060 aluminum, 3003/5052 aluminum alloy, stainless steel
Strand thickness 1.5–3 mm
Strand width 7.5–30 mm
Overall thickness 10–37 mm
LWD 12.5–200 mm
SWD 5–80 mm
Size 12" × 12", 12" × 24", 12" × 36", 12" × 48", 24" × 24", 24" × 36", 24" × 48", 36" × 36", 36" × 48"
Open area 34% – 70%
Finish anodized, PVC coated or PVDF coated
Color silver, red, orange, yellow, green, black, blue, purple, brown, etc.
Executive standard ASTM F1267,DB13/T 5014-2019
Package packed with plastic film, shipped by pallets or wooden cases, or according to customers' requirements

Surface Treatment

 Powder coated architectural expanded metal mesh Anodized architectural expanded metal meshPVDF coated architectural expanded metal mesh

                Powder coated                                       Anodized                                       PVDF coated

Hot-Sale Hole Patterns

Here we our popular architectural expanded metal mesh series. We can also develop your exclusive architectural expanded metal mesh series according to your design idea to cater to your special requirements.

Architectural expanded metal mesh in different hole patterns

Popular hole patterns

Applicable scenes: Building facades, interior decoration, ceilings, partition walls, folding screens, handrails and sunshades

Applicable projects: Airport channels, shopping malls, theaters, museums, exhibition halls, office buildings, hotels, coffee shops, clubs, stadiums or other building decoration projects.

Architectural expanded metal mesh is used as building facade

For exterior wall decoration

Architectural expanded metal mesh is used for interior partition decoration

For interior wall decoration

Architectural expanded metal mesh is used as interior partition

For interior partition

Architectural expanded metal mesh is used as sunshades

For sunshades

Architectural expanded metal mesh is used for coffee shop ceiling decoration

For ceiling

Architectural expanded metal mesh is used as balcony handrails

For balcony handrails

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