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  • Q Can architectural mesh be customized?

    Our architectural mesh is available in common sizes, and we can also customize it according to customers' requirements or provide solutions based on your applicable environments.
  • Q Are free samples available?

    Common size samples are free of charge and special size samples are not; freight shall be paid y customers.
  • Q Can you provide design services?

    Yes, we can supply CAD drawings.
  • Q How many kinds of architectural mesh do you have?

    Our main product types are as shown in our product list. We have hundreds of architectural mesh in thousands of sizes for your option.
  • Q How to guarantee the quality of architectural mesh products?

    We have advanced production and testing equipment and strict quality control system, so we can ensure all our products are qualified.
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Honeycomb Decorative Mesh

Honeycomb Decorative Mesh in Various Colors and 
Materials Greatly Inspires Designers
Brand:Hangshun Wire Mesh
Place of Origin:China

Honeycomb decorative mesh, also called twisted mesh, is woven with twisted stainless steel wires, aluminum alloy wires, brass wires, copper wires or other alloy wires. It emerges in the architecture sector as a new type of decorative mesh, and is widely used as decorative curtains, restaurant folding screens, hotel partitions, ceiling decoration, trade fair and exhibition decoration, sunshades, etc. As a space divider, it offers the free passage of the air and light, and visually expands the space of the room. With diversified colors, good durability and flexibility, it adds a modern decoration charm to buildings. Its color changes with light and gives us unlimited imagination.


● Light diffusion and good ventilation

● UV resistant and flame resistance

● Beautiful appearance and various color options

● Gorgeous and chic elegant appearance

● Good durability and flexibility

● Color varies as the light changes.

● Provide unlimited creativity and artistic aesthetic

Technical Data

Materialstainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass, copper or other alloy materials
Wire diameter0.5–5 mm
Widthup to 3 m
Open area40 % – 76%
Mesh typetwisted
Colorgold, silver, copper, brass, matte black, Chinese red, purple, bronze, pearl gray, etc
Finishdecorative electroplating, physical vapor deposition, US10B and US10A finish, powder coating, passivation, etc
Customizationother colors, shapes and sizes are customized

It is widely used as decorative curtains, restaurant folding screens, hotel partitions, handrails, doormat, ceiling decoration, trade fair and exhibition decoration, sunshades, etc.

Honeycomb decorative mesh is used for ceiling decoration

For hotel ceiling decoration

Honeycomb decorative mesh is used as doormat

For doormat

Honeycomb decorative mesh is used as coffee shop partition

For partition & separation

Honeycomb decorative mesh is used as restaurant folding screen

For restaurant folding screen

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