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  • Q Can architectural mesh be customized?

    Our architectural mesh is available in common sizes, and we can also customize it according to customers' requirements or provide solutions based on your applicable environments.
  • Q Are free samples available?

    Common size samples are free of charge and special size samples are not; freight shall be paid y customers.
  • Q Can you provide design services?

    Yes, we can supply CAD drawings.
  • Q How many kinds of architectural mesh do you have?

    Our main product types are as shown in our product list. We have hundreds of architectural mesh in thousands of sizes for your option.
  • Q How to guarantee the quality of architectural mesh products?

    We have advanced production and testing equipment and strict quality control system, so we can ensure all our products are qualified.
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Metal Fabric Mesh

Metal Fabric Mesh – An Ideal Choice for Lamp 
Decoration, Wall Decoration & Curtain
Brand:Hangshun Wire Mesh
Place of Origin:China

Metal fabric mesh, also known as metallic sequin cloth, is a type of decorative fabric that is widely used in the interior and exterior constructions. It is connected by many sequins and rings. Each sequin has four legs, which makes the sequin be like a spider. The legs are folded back and work in a ring to ensure its durability and firmness.

Unlike other metal curtains, this metal fabric is more like a cloth curtain, it is soft and bright. Because of its great flexibility, it is used in both residential and commercial applications as lamp decoration, wall decoration, curtains and room dividers.


● Various colors. It comes in a variety of colors to suit more applications and places.

● Fashion design. Noble and elegant.

● Flexible. It can be installed on the track and can be flexibly opened or closed.

● Easy to install and remove. The aluminum material is lightweight and can be easily installed and removed.

● Easy to clean. With a smooth surface, it doesn't require harsh cleaner or solvents, just wipe with a cloth.

● Wide applications. It can be used as ceiling decorations, wall decorations, window curtains and various other         applications.

● Customization. We can supply the standard size metal fabric mesh, special colors and specs can be 


Technical Data

Materialaluminum or brass
Colorsilver, golden, lavender, red, blue, black, purple
Finishelectroplated, painted
Sequin size3 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, etc
Cloth sizestandard size 0.50 m × 1.50 m
Sequin shaperound, octagon, hexagonal
Packagepacked with bubble film and then placed in wooden cases or cartons

It is used in both residential and commercial applications as lamp decoration, wall decoration, curtains and room dividers.

Metal fabric mesh is used for hotel lamp decoration

For hotel lamp decoration

Metal fabric mesh is used for commercial building interior partition

For interior partition

Metal fabric mesh is used as hotel curtain

For curtain decoration

Metal fabric mesh is used as table cover

For table cover

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